Andrew Weith

Founder Andrew Weith had a "ground up" start in distribution and software implementations working for a distribution company replacing legacy Enterprise Resource Planning and Warehouse Management Systems simultaneously.


With more than 10 years of experience leading software implementations, operational audits, and process redevelopment, Andrew is a highly respected thought leader in the industry.

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Brian Munday

Brian has over 20 years of warehousing and supply chain experience.  Over his career he has assisted in the implementations of several different ERP/WMS systems, and bring skills focusing on procedural controls in warehousing environments.


Brian focuses on problem solving methodologies to assist end users in resolving issues to achieve cost savings and customer partnerships.

Sara Weith
Marketing Director

Sara came to ASW in 2010 from a non-traditional background in healthcare. She has been a trauma nurse for 15 years. Her critical thinking skills and customer care knowledge have been vital to advising and assisting the needs of ASW.

Sara balances the tasks of an executive assistant with managing client care and consultant growth. Additionally her knowledge of retail, direct sales, and technology in healthcare has been a valued addition to the expansion of ASW into new markets.

Tony Bruckler
Lead Consultant

Tony has over 20 years of experience in business management, process improvement, project management, and software implementations. His operational business expertise spans accounting, procurement, transportation logistics, sales, and warehouse management.


Tony started a parts and field service company which he later sold to a leading distributor. As VP of Operations at this distributor, Tony used his leadership and problem solving skills to implement policy and procedures, and enhance software utilization. These projects included implementation of a Warehouse Management System in 8 locations, providing the operational support for the company’s 200% growth over his 10 years of service.

Shawn O'Loughlin
Business Development

Shawn joined the ASW team in 2020 after graduating from Michigan State University in 2019. In his young career, he has experience with business development and sales in the consulting industry.


Shawn focuses on connecting with existing and potential clients to evaluate opportunities for growth and improvement. Providing outreach as well as support- he aims to build upon our client relationship and better understand their needs to provide the best service.

Shawn is spreading the word to partners and prospects that "Progress Demands Change."

Lauren Bruckler
Safety Consultant

Lauren Bruckler is an OSHA Specialist in Safety and Health, consulting on safety best practices, OSHA compliance, and assisting in the development of safety programs and procedures. She is on track to earn the SHEP (Safety, Health, and Environmental Professional) Certification from the OSHA Education Center at the University of Texas, Arlington.


Prior to her work in the safety industry, Lauren consulted multifamily developers on green building practices and energy code compliance. She maintains the designation as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional for Homes and New Construction. Lauren enjoys teaching the value of safety and promoting synergies between safety, operational excellence, and sustainability.

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