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Motivation, Determination, Intention

We have a saying here at ASW Global Consulting. "Progress Demands Change." It is simple, direct and straight forward. Easy right?


Everyone in business and in their personal lives set some sort of goal at the start of the new year. In January we are motivated to make big changes. The idea of a new process or a big policy is less daunting because it is that fresh new year and we have the mindset with motivation to make it happen. In reality by mid- January most people give up on half of their goals and by February those same goals and ideas succumb to the thought that "we don't need to change."

This may or may not apply to your life or business. If it does, how do we break that cycle and progress towards making those changes?

Determination. Instead of having that excitement (motivation) to implement the changes we now have to engage the plan, set the direction and work to get it done. So as you reflect back on what your goals for the new year and well into 2019 are, think about how you are going to get there. What is the determining factor that will get you to put in the hard work and effort? How do you stay determined to keep your change on track for success?

ASW, has that answer for you. Progress really does demand change. In order to make progress we have to continually work towards challenging the status quo. The idea of reviewing systems and processes to observe how we can improve efficacy and efficiency is the first step. Then the big one....Working with intention towards making those changes.

The idea of working with intention is something that was introduced to me some time ago. Instead of tackling the whole goal at one time, it was breaking it down into manageable steps that work towards the final outcome. It also means doing the things that were easiest to avoid FIRST. Once the first hard steps are taken, the little ones don't look to be so difficult to surmount. If you had motivation in January....

Stay Determined in February....

Start working with Intention through the rest of the year After all, progress demands change.



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