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Embracing Change

A few things about me.

1. I am married to Andy Weith- founder of ASW Global Consulting 2. I have been an ER and Trauma Nurse since 2006 3. Our family of four used to all travel together (until our oldest was in kindergarten) 250+ days a year

4. I work for ASW Global Consulting and also continue to work as a nurse

5. Andy and I just had our third baby: Mae

You might be asking yourself "Why is this person telling us these things?" The five facts above are examples of embracing change that life brought my way. Change is not hard. It really isn't. As a society we change all the time. Think about it...really think about it. Technology changes and we adapt to it. What kind of cell phone did you have ten years ago? Would you still carry that now? No, probably not. Technology evolved and we did with it. The days of flip phones and T-9 texting are a very distant memory. When new phones are launched people line up for the newest and flashiest item with no question. There is no hesitation to try out the new item and no matter what platform the phone is on the majority of people jump at the chance to have it. As a culture this is a great example of embracing change. Change happens, it is whether you embrace it or not that makes it difficult. Back to my five facts...In all five of those little tid bits of information I had the choice to embrace the changes that came with each one or to fight it. As a wife, mother, or nurse I have always chosen to "roll with it" and see what new adventure change brought about. Not every adventure was great. Not everyday at work was wonderful. Not every moment traveling and being around my kiddos was sunshine and rainbows. Each instance needed that choice. The choice to embrace the change that came with each situation or to fight against what was happening and hope for what used to be. Why then in the workplace is change so difficult to embrace? Is it that we get comfortable with the process and procedures that are used day in and day out? Is it boredom? Is it fear? I don't have all the answers. I don't believe that there is a magic set of steps to embracing change and understanding how important it is to make progress in your business practice. What I do believe is that the only way to truly continue to make advancements is to "roll with it" and to understand the power that lies within change. Once we, in business practice, learn and embrace that change isn't hard then we can really understand the theme of "Progress Demands Change."

Can we do this then? Can we stop fighting the changes we are faced with? Can we look at them for the positive that they may bring? Can we relate the changes back to the phone example? Lots of questions to think about and ponder. Progress Demands Change Cheers! -Sara

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