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Employee Amenities

What makes going to work easier on the employee? Many employers offer all sorts of amenities to their employees to ease the work-life balance

Recently this article was shared with me. Reading it all I could think was how amazing this would actually be if more places offered this service. When I was a new nurse the hospital I worked for was really fancy and new. Working there was lovely. The hospital had an amazing cafeteria, coffee shop, nurses lounge, and even a concierge service. Employees could get their cars washed or serviced, purchase movie tickets, drop off dry cleaning, order cakes, have gifts wrapped, use the notary, buy stamps, ship packages, and so much more. It was such a wonderful little service that was offered and made all the errands that would pile up throughout the work-week more manageable. In addition to those mentioned benefits they also offered incentives on visiting the gym. It was simple, so to the gym a certain number of times and your monthly fee was waived. So it made going to the gym a priority. What else would make an employee happy? Whether you have children, are going to have children, or had children; most people can relate to the struggle that is hiring someone to care for your child. I am sure all employers have gotten the phone call "I can't come in today my sitter cancelled." So what is the answer to this struggle? Onsite childcare as mentioned in the above article.

Onsite childcare would be such a HUGE demand in the workplace. It doesn't even have to be budgeted, if you want to ease into this benefit just ask your employees what pay cut they would accept to have this at their disposal. Andy and I discussed this and we would be happy to take a pay-cut in order to have child-care onsite at the places we have worked.

There are so many ways that this could be instituted. Like the hospital I mentioned above, employers could offer a basic payroll deduction for an onsite childcare. For parents that have limited maternity/paternity leave offering onsite childcare would potentially make the transition back to work a much smoother one. After all, "Progress Demands Change"

Cheers!! -Sara

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