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What (Why?) is ASW Global Consulting and WHO are we?

When faced with the question 'What does ASW do?' I often find myself stumbling over my words as the explanation, I feel, is either dull and verbose, or unimpressively succinct. Truth be told, the statement is simple - ASW is a catalyst for change. Our 'Why' is Progress Demands Change and we believe intensely that our ways must change. It serves as the driving force behind our approach to every challenge. The way we operate, the way we live, the way we take care of ourselves and each other. We tirelessly work to find creative solutions to dispose of the status quo and propel those we work with into an era of innovation. ASW strives to attract others with a similar goal. We partner with clients, suppliers, and employees that have this same mission. Together with our expertise in numerous areas of change management and solutions advisement, our partners leave behind the stale standards of old and the fear of the unknown, embracing change and boldly striving forward into new territory, leading their industries and setting the bar for their competition. I think one of our clients summed it up perfectly when they named the team of ASW and internal change agents "Project Revamp". As the founder and sole member of ASW for nearly a decade, I found myself long in need of change. In crisis mode I was pushed to change or fail. As a result our business family has grown to 5 and will continue to do so as we seek out more highly motivated change agents to join ASW. To our dedicated team, I thank you for your commitment to this 'Why'. For those in search of a meaningful operating partnership, look no further than ASW! Cheers, Andy Founder ASW A bit about me: A Chicago native, I recently relocated with my family to the Pacific North West for a fresh start; an escape from everything we knew and expected to be, so we could continue our journey of change. I love hockey and hats, and my two (soon to be three) little ones. Sara, my partner in life, love and business, keeps me sane (mostly) with one foot on the ground and another on the gas of the getaway car.

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