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Who am I? Featuring Sara

When posed with the question of "Who am I?" Many things come to mind. I could make a laundry list of all the titles I hold or have held in my life. The truth is, when everything boils down I am a person who believes in the good and betterment of people. Bold statement? Yes. True statement? I believe so. My career has always been focused in some sort of service. After college it has been mostly in emergent health care and critical care settings as a nurse. In these fields the need for change is great. Huge actually. As a nurse my goal is to make what could be your worst day a little bit better. A phrase most people associate with me is "living the dream." I have said this at least ten times a day for the past decade. It is important to remember that what we do each day effects others around us. So spreading positivism and a little smiles goes a long way in any business setting. You might be wondering, how does this relate to ASW and what do I bring to ASW? The answer is clear as mud. Change is hard. Change is really hard. Most people and companies don't like to embrace change. I personally love it. I think that change is moving forward. Change is what makes us learn, grow, and become better in our professions. In healthcare it is said; if you think you know everything and have nothing to learn, it is time to retire. The same holds true in any profession. To improve, to be the best, or striving to be the best there needs to be a constant search for how to be better. With ASW, that is what you get. As a company ASW is always looking on how to make a specific client's business and or processes better. The most important thing that I have learned is this; life is meant to be lived. It is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to learn and laugh as we live our lives. Without change, progress, and growth we can't really experience all the adventure that is out there. So saying yes to the things that challenge us are what make us grow. I believe this to be true in all aspects of life...including work. Working with this company allows me to bring my experience and knowledge of constant learning and progress to businesses and clients from a very different perspective. At first glance it looks like you are comparing apples to oranges. Once you look at the details you see that it is apples to apples. Cheers

-Sara Sara is a Chicago native that recently moved to the Pacific Northwest with her family. Married to Andy. They have two wonderful little boys and a little girl on the way. She continues to work as a nurse with Portland Street Medicine as well as serve as the Executive Adviser for ASW Global Consulting. She continues to "live the dream" and assist people in embracing change to make progress.

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