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Living The Dream

We are all asked on a daily basis the same question: "How are you?" My response is always the same: "Living the Dream!" This response evokes a wide range of reactions from people. Some laugh, some look confused, and some say something similar like "yeah, me too." Why do I always respond the same way? It is simple.

I have been an ER nurse for almost 15 years. I have seen a variety of crazy things in my career as a nurse. Years ago while going through some personal issues a co-worker called me out on how negative my answers always were. His statement stopped me in my tracks. I didn't think I was being negative. He had asked how I was and I gave him an honest answer. He then explained that it is so easy to dwell on the negative. It is so easy to always focus on what could be better rather than what is amazing. That day I started to make a conscious effort to be more positive. You know what, it worked. Within a couple of days I saw that my life wasn't bad at all. I had a great job, fantastic friends, and a really supportive family. The other things were insignificant and could be changed. Fast forward to today. Life is far from perfect. I could list a dozen things that I would want to improve. The truth is I could also list 2-3 dozen things about my life that are amazing. So while my dream is not the same as most...I still believe I am "Living the Dream." When you pair my everyday response to the question of "how are you?" and our company motto of "Progress Demands Change" it is imposible not find the positive. By challenging the status quo and being a little more stoic it becomes the new normal to evolve with life around you. There is no standing still and just doing things because "that is the way we have always done it." Looking to improve how things are done, to improve all aspects of life- leads back to my general response.

So if you see me and ask me "How are you?" You will know my response. It isn't sarcasm. It isn't a joke. My life- this life that I live and work in is the one I hope to get to live and work in for another day. "Progress Demands Change" Cheers!


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